Walk-In Tubs For Seniors:

Safety & Accessibility

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Walk-In Tub Relaxing & Reading a Book

Take a Safe Step into a Walk-in Tub & Relax

Are you searching for a way to make bathing safe and maintain independence?

Walk-in bathtubs can provide a safer alternative to traditional bathtubs, with features designed to reduce falls. These accessible tubs help improve safety, comfort and independence at any stage of life.

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Easy Access Wheelchair Transfer Walk-In Tubs

Walk-In Tubs provide the ultimate in accessibility. Wheelchair transfer walk-in tubs have a wide access outward opening door to safely transfer from a wheelchair or mobility device. Enjoy the same features as other models of walk-in tubs like relaxing therapeutic jets, rapid draining & filling, handheld shower fixtures, and heated surfaces so you don't get cold.

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Wheelchair Transfer Walk-In Tub
Walk-In Tub With Shower Combo Option

Walk-In Tub With Shower Combo Option

Enjoy the flexibility of the walk-in tub shower option. This allows you to utilize your tub as a stand up or sit down shower. We realize you don't always have the time to take a relaxing bath, so we offer a hybrid solution that allows for showering and bathing.

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Safety & Therapeutic Tub Features

Customize Your Walk-In Tub With These Safety & Comfort Features

Non-Slip Shower Floors

Non-Slip Walk-In Tub Surfaces

Reduce the risk of slips & falls with tub surfaces that don't get slippery when wet.

Rapid Draining Walk-In Tub

Rapid Draining & Filling Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs with rapid draining & filling empty and fill quickly so you don't have to wait.

Walk-In Tub With Heated Surfaces

Comfortable Heated Surfaces

Heated surfaces provide comfort so you don't get cold filling & draining your tub.

Therapeutic Massaging Jets

Therapeutic Massaging Jets

Soak & relax sore joints & muscles with warm therapeutic massaging jets.

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Safe Cost-Effective Tub Features

Aging In Place

Safety Features & Aging In Place

With top-notch safety features like anti-slip surfaces and low-entry & threshold, walk-in tubs reduce fall risk and help seniors maintain independence.

Walk-In Shower Cost & Pricing

Walk-In Tub Cost & Pricing Information

Walk-in tubs come in a variety of sizes & options. The best way to get accurate pricing for your home and safety is to reach out for a free estimate.

Rainfall Shower Head

Relaxing Updated Shower Features

Upgrade to a more spa-like experience. From rainfall shower heads to massaging jets, walk-in showers are designed with the utmost comfort and relaxation in mind.

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Walk-In Tub Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a walk-in tub cost?

This is our most frequently asked question. A variety of factors are involved with pricing a walk-in tub. The options and features you choose, the installation location in your home, the capabilities of your hot water heater, and flooring / surrounding structures. This is why we offer free walk-in bathtub quotes and overall pricing. Click here to start your free estimate.

Does Medicare cover walk-in tubs?

It’s a common and important question. When we've seen coverage offered, it has been from private supplemental Medicare coverage, and only through a process involving a doctors prescription or directive. Unfortunately, this is not common.

Will I get cold waiting for the tub to drain or fill?

With options like heated surfaces and rapid draining, relax and enjoy your walk-in tub experience without the risk of getting cold.

Will the door on my walk-in tub leak?

No, your tub is warrantied for this. Rest assured there will be no leaks when closed properly. 

Is maintaining a walk-in tub a hassle?

Maintaining a walk-in tub is no different than maintaining a traditional bathtub or shower.

Who manufactures walk-in & accessible tubs?

There are four leading walk-in tub manufacturers in the U.S. — American Standard, Kohler, Safe Step Walk-in Tub, & Ella's Bubbles.

Will this tub fit in my house?

There are many models that are sized to replace an existing bathtub.

Is a walk-in tub and old person's bathtub?

Of course not, despite its inherent added safety features, walk-in bathtubs provide relaxing therapeutic benefits for consumers of any age.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to find you an affordable walk-in bathtub best suited to your personal needs and dream bathroom design. It’s how we’ve helped countless seniors age in place and enjoy the ultimate spa experience at home! Ready to relax in luxury – and lots of bubbles?

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