Ready for all of the stress relief and relaxation from a new walk-in bath?

Before you can break out the bubble gel, you’ll need to complete a walk-in tub installation. But with the help of an expert installation team, you can install a walk-in bathtub and be enjoying your new dream bathroom in no time.

Here are the three main steps of the walk-in tub installation process.

Prior to Walk-in Tub Installation: Home Renovation Review and Quote

In the initial discussions with tub installation experts, you’ll review all of your walk-in bathtub needs. This might include whether you have certain accessibility requirements, such as whether you need a transfer tub for a wheelchair. Or if you are interested in easy access tubs with therapeutic features?

Then, they will discuss the scope of the project. For instance, they might ask you about your water heater, discuss room measurements and other unique details to determine project costs. The specialists will then give you a walk-in tub estimate, which includes installation costs and the tub model selected.

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Walk-in Tub Installation: The 3 Main Steps

Step 1 - Removal of an Existing Tub

For the removal process, a licensed and insured installation team will take care of removing your existing tub. They will carefully navigate your bathroom’s drywall and plumbing.

To avoid any damage to the bathroom's integrity, they may also take the old bathtub apart to ensure it fits through doorways. Bathtub haul-away is usually included, too.

They'll also prep the space so it's ready for the new walk-in bathtub.

Step 2 - Installing the New Walk-in Bathtub

Once your bathroom is prepped and ready, certified specialists begin the installation. This includes hooking up the tub to the waterline and sealing the tub into place so it's secure. In addition to plumbing, there is also often electrical work. Then, they will do a thorough test that all tub features are functioning properly.

How long does the installation of a new walk-in bathtub take? Tub installation timelines vary depending on the project. They can also vary depending on the make and model -- from American Standard tubs to Safe Step walk-in tubs. Installations are often completed within one day.

Step 3 - Review Walk-in Tub Features for the Best Bathing Experience

Once installed, professional installers will review all of the features of your walk-in bathtub with you. They will show you how to work each one. Features might include:

  • An air bath: Air jets push millions of tiny air bubbles into the water to create an air bath. An air bath is a type of hydrotherapy massage. It can help soothe aches and pains and offer great relaxation.
  • Water jets: Similar to air jets, water jets are also a hydrotherapy feature. These jets use water to massage muscles and help with circulation. These are sometimes referred to as whirlpool baths.
  • Rapid drain features: This feature allows you to quickly drain your tub fast. It means you’ll stay warm and comfortable throughout the entire duration of your bath. And when you’re ready to exit the bathtub? You won’t be waiting long.

From a standard walk-in tub to the ones with all of the bells and whistles, your professional install team will show you how to work each and every feature. The goal is to make sure your walk-in bathtub experience is easy and enjoyable — even during the installation process!

Also stress-free? The long-term maintenance of your walk-in tub. In fact, most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty.

After an easy installation, it's time to start enjoying the easy-breezy tub life!

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