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With installers in every state, Affordable Walk-In Tubs can connect you with the best Indiana bathtub installation team to meet your personal project needs. Learn bathroom remodeling tips, local Indiana resources, the best way to start your installation, estimates, and more.

Indiana Walk-In Tubs

Accessibility & Safety

Easy access bathtubs are one of the best additions that seniors can make to the bathroom in order to prevent slips and falls. Here’s how walk-in bathtubs can help you bathe easy and enjoy all of the bubbles and benefits.


Ready for all of the stress relief and relaxation from a new walk-in bath? Before you can break out the bubble gel, you’ll need to complete a walk-in tub installation. Here are the three main steps of the walk-in tub installation process.

All About Safe Showers for Seniors
Walk-In Tub With Drink Tray & Clear Window Door


Do you have a pros and cons of walk-in tubs list? When it comes to bathroom renovations, there can be a lot of decisions. From safety to costs, here are some of the top considerations for walk-in bathtubs.

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Massage therapy, aromatherapy and other features promote well-being, decrease stress and anxiety.

Wheelchair & Mobility Transfer Walk-In Tub

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